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Now you have your new turf installed you are going to need to look after it to ensure it beds in and stays looking top notch for years to come. 

  • Remember to water your new grass everyday for at least the first two weeks. ONLY water the grass in the morning before 8am or of an evening after 7pm. This will ensure the grass doesnt dry out whilst it is finding its new roots. Ensure you dont water your new turf in high heat. If it rains a decent amount there is no need to water that day. If you can use thye water from a water butt to help save water. If you dont have a water butt use a hose pipe or better still a spinkler to ensure equal watering. 

  • When watering try not to walk on the fresh lawn to much and if you need to walk on the grass try to walk on different areas and different walk ways. 

  • For the first 2-3 weeks try not to walk on the grass to much this will ensure the lawn settles on its own and at an even level. 

  • Clean pet mess off the lawn asap. Nothing kills a lawn like dog urine and poop. Simply remove soild mess normally and for urine wash through with a hose daily. 

  • There are several lawn treatment companies that offer lawn treatments but unfortunatly we are not one of them yet, try to avoid treatments for at least 12 months after the lawn is laid.  

By following this guide it will help you to keep your new lawn looking great and give it the best start to life in its new home.

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