Fencing is the best way to set out boundaries around your property. When it comes to fencing there are so many options to choose from. Below are some examples of the most popular options. 


Close board fencing is the most popular fencing in Stoke-on-Trent at the moment due to its robust design and pleasent appearance. 

When installed with concrete fence posts and a gravel board footer it should last the test of time if it is installed correctly and treated every 12 months. Nathan Brammer Bespoke Landscaping install close board fencing with optional height from 3ft - 8ft

Prices start from just £52.00 per bay (one panel, one post and one gravel board) fully installed. 

Wooden Fencing

Close Board


Picket fencing is ideal for areas that need to be sectioned off for pets, to provide a safety rail or even on farm land. 

We have been installing hundreds of meters of picket fencing in Newcastle-under-Lyme recently due to its low cost and decorative appearance. 

Like any wooden item picket fencing requires treatment every 12 months to maintain its delightful look and ensure it is weatherproof. 

Wooden Fencing

Picket Fencing 


European fencing is the most appealing of choice when your looking for a fence with a great appreance. 

Due to the vast range of styles customers choose this type of fencing when they are looking for something different and to stand out. 

Usually installed with wooden post this fencing requires the same amount of maintenance as other wooden fencing. We install this fencing through-out Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire and Newcastle-under-Lyme with optional heights from 3ft-7ft

Wooden fencing 

European Panels

These are just a few of the several options availble to our customers in Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle-under-Lyme and Staffordshire to book your free quotation or for more information you can do this by using one of the options below.

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