Artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular with home owners across the United Kingdom for many reasons. 
In Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire we are now fitting more fake grass compared to real turf and the ratio is getting bigger with each year that passes, Choosing a landscaper for artificial grass is the easy part but considering why to have it is hard the reasons for this change in trend are highlighted on this page.


  • Artificial grass is more expensive for the initial cost compared to real turf, but over a ten year period fake grass will cost less than the maintenance that a real lawn requires.

  • On average artificial grass installations cost around £36.80 per m2.

  • On average a real lawn costs around £11.50 per m2 for the initial installation.

  • The maintenance of artificial grass varies from home to home, for example if you own a pet you will need to ensure the the artificial grass is given a clean more often compared to a home which doesn't own a pet.

  • On average a artificial lawn will cost around £50.00 per year to maintain for a 20 m2 lawn. This is for the water and a cleaning detergent.

  • On average a real lawn will cost between £250.00 and £600.00 per year to maintain a 20 m2 lawn. This is for fertilizer, lawn seed, fuel or electric to power the mower, maintenance of the mower and whether or not you choose to employ a professional to do the maintenance.

  • On average a person who chooses to maintain their lawn themselves will spend around 40 hours per year on doing so! That's a full working week!!

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